Monday, November 24, 2008

One month

I know it's been awhile since I've blogged but, I've been one busy Mommy!
Amaiya is an amazing baby! She has been from birth. I can't believe she's already a month old. It's crazy how time flies by. She's more aware of her surroundings now. She did a little laugh last night when she was having tummy time. Natalie has this toy dog that barks and every time it would bark she would get a big smile then she laughed. I couldn't believe it! She's doing things so soon. She held her head up at 2 days old, rolled over at 3 weeks, sleeps through the night and now laughed at a month. I can't wait to see what else she has to show me sooner than she's supposed to.
I weighed her awhile back and she was 8lbs. 5oz.! I'm not used to having a chunky baby. Natalie wore teddy bear clothes and preemies for the first 3 months and Nate what in 0-3 months for 5 months! I'm just so happy that she is here and healthy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sick kids on a Beautiful Monday

I started my day off pretty good. Sun shining though the windows made it feel amazing in the house. I got Natalie ready for school and did some dishes. I took her to school and an hour after I got home I got a call from the nurse that Natalie is running a fever of 99.1 and that her ears are bothering her. So I told her to keep her until after lunch just so see if it goes away. Well, her lunch time is 10:35. At 10:48 I got a call from the nurse. The nurse tells me that Natalie's teacher said that she has been crying off and on and that she wouldn't eat her lunch! So I said her Dad will be there shortly. She came home and went straight to bed! Well, after I got back from Walmart I woke her up to get her something to eat. When she was sitting at the table she throws up all over my kitchen table, the chair, the floor and herself! GROSS!! I cleaned her up and the kitchen and sent her back to bed! Nate has been sick since Halloween with a bad cough and runny nose.
I'm so scared they'll get Amaiya sick. I think she has a little cold herself only cause she has been coughing once in awhile and has a runny nose!
Nate's feeling good enough to go outside and play and be up my butt all day when I'm trying to pick up or take care of the baby. So I know he's feeling better! I just hate seeing my kiddos not feeling good. I'm hoping Natalie feels better so she can go to school! Education is #1!!

I just hope everything goes much smoother tomorrow!!



When I got home earlier from picking a few things up from Wally World my Dad was here. I got out of the car and was getting the kids out when Dad came up to me and showed me his phone. It's been 4 years since his passing and it still feels like yesterday. On his phone was a headstone with Ethan's name, date of birth & the day he passed! I just broke down right there outside. I felt like my legs were jello. I wasn't crying because I was sad it was because I never thought he would have a headstone. I'm just so grateful that my parents got this for him. I miss my little one so much. I don't go a day without thinking of him. But, I know he is up there in Heaven with Poppy looking down upon us. No more pain or suffering just pure happiness! I'll see him one day, not to soon though, when I'm a really old woman!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Freak me out!!

So last night Chad & I just got done watching The Happening (which is a totally weird movie) and I decided to wake Amaiya up, change her and feed her some before we went to bed for the night. Well, I got everything ready and next thing I know I was looking a blood stained onesie and diaper! I immiatiatley freaked out! I changed her diaper and cleaned up the blood on her belly. The imbilical cord was soft instead of it being hard..freaking out even more then. I know that it supposed to bleed a little bit when it's coming off but this was I'd say the size of a quarter. Which is not normal. So I called the doctor and they told me to bring her to ACH (arkansas children's hospital), so I did. At 2am we finally got there and she was crashed out asleep in my arms as we waited for the doctor. She finally go in there at 2:58 and started checking her over. I felt so bad cause the woman kept on poking her and looked like it was painful. The doctor said it looks like she may have ripped it some how from the belly button but, she'll be fine because her blood count isn't low and her color is great and no swelling in the belly. So thank goodness she's fine!

I think the reason I freaked out so much is because of how Ethan bleed to death. I seen the blood and it brought me back. Back to that dark depressing days. But, I know Ethan's watching over his brother and sister's and wouldn't let anything happen to them.